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How to Buy Spot Coffee and Forward Coffee

You can easily order spot coffees online as well as samples, however, we ask that you please order each of these separately.

Things to Know

  • SPOT are coffees that are readily available. Spot coffees have arrived on the shelf and are ready for pickup or delivery

  •  AFLOAT are coffees that are on their way to the warehouse. Afloat coffees should arrive within a month or two or less.
  • FORWARD are coffees that will be available in the near future. Forward coffees are not yet on the shelf, however, are available for purchase.  
    • Buying forward is essentially securing physical inventory at some point in the future. It enables you to make a purchase where quality and price is a match for you and allows you to secure coffees that are in short supply but high in demand and quality. You're not obligated to these coffees. You still have to cap them and approve them upon arrival, however, it's a fantastic way to get coffees way in advance.

    • For more information on purchasing forward: http://blog.olamspecialtycoffee.com/2017/02/03/how-to-buy-forward-using-contracts/
    • Forward coffees on our website will display the estimated month of arrival
  • You can filter search results by Spot or Forward status on our website by using the search filtration tool on the left hand side of the page

filter spot

Add Bags to Cart

When you are ready to start building out your shopping cart, please make sure to enter in the desired quantity of coffee bags. To add bags to your cart, simply click the 'Add Bags to Cart' button.

  • Please note the warehouse of the coffee you are purchasing

  • Please make sure you are purchasing spot separately from forward coffees