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Can I Talk to a Coffee Trader?

Yes, of course you can talk to a coffee trader. We love talking to coffee roasters. Just give us a head start with an email.

Olam Specialty Coffee opened its doors in the midst of rapid growth in the coffee roasting sector. The number of small specialty roasters entering the market was unprecedented and Olam understood that the traditional business model used by green coffee importers for decades wouldn’t allow us to reach and serve many of them. We launched an eCommerce website, something nearly unheard of among business-to-business green coffee wholesalers, so we could connect as many roasters as possible to the finest green coffees in the world. By empowering small roasters to “self-service” their green buying, coffee traders remained free to work on complex sales and, more importantly, spend time sourcing the coffees we sell.

This doesn't mean we want to avoid you. We love talking to small coffee roasters. It does mean that the best way to get in touch with us is through an email to CustomerService-OSC@olamnet.com. If you need to have a phone conversation, just ask, let us know what you want to talk about, and we’ll make the arrangements and ensure you’re talking to the right person.

So, can you talk to a coffee trader? The answer is YES! Just give us a head start with an email.