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How do I create an account?

Follow this link to create an online account. Please note, accounts are granted to active coffee roasting businesses.  More Info.


When will my account be approved?

Generally, accounts are activated within 1-2 business days. 


What are my shipping options?

Shipping rates are per pallet and range from $115 to $350 depending on destination and warehouse. Single bags weighing less than 60 kilos can be shipped via FedEx for a flat rate of $75. Note, coffee may also be picked up from the warehouse. More Info.


When will my coffee arrive?

Transit times are highly variable and dependent on many factors; however, tracking information is provided with every order.  More Info.


Can I reserve coffee?

When you add coffee to your “position” during check out, the price is fixed, and that coffee is taken out of inventory for you to release at a later date. You won’t pay for the coffee until it is released; however, it’s important to remember you are contractually obligated to purchase the coffee in your position at some point and after two weeks we charge a storage fee. 


Can I get better prices if I buy more coffee?

Over time, as the volume of coffee you purchase from Olam increases, there will be opportunities to improve your pricing.


How can I pay for coffee?

We accept all major credit cards. You can also choose “Invoice” during check out and we will send you an invoice you can pay by credit card, check, or wire transfer. Please note, when you choose the invoice option, your coffee will not ship until the invoice is paid.


How do I order samples?

You can order up to six samples at one time by clicking “Request Sample” from the detail page for any coffee. All samples are green coffee. More Info.


How do I buy coffee that has not yet arrived?

You can place “forward” coffee (coffee that has not yet arrived), into your position but in this instance sale of the coffee is dependent on your approval of a sample when available. 


Do you charge to store my coffee?

After two weeks we will charge a 1.25% per month carry on spot coffee in your position until the coffee is released. Two weeks after a forward coffee in your position arrives at the warehouse we will charge a 1.25% per month carry until the coffee is released. 


When do coffees from different origins arrive?

Coffee is an agricultural product, and is harvested and shipped at varying times around the world. If you’re not seeing a coffee from an origin you usually order, or there are limited options, there is a good chance that fresh crop coffee is on its way soon. Keep track of when coffee ships using our Harvest and Shipping Poster. More Info.


Can I talk to someone about coffee?

We work hard to ensure all the information you need as a green coffee buyer is available on our website, blog, and podcast; however, we’re still happy to answer any questions we haven’t covered here. The best way to reach us is to send an email to CustomerService-OSC@olamnet.com. More Info.


Do your coffees have cupping scores?

The Q Arabica Graders on our Quality Control team cup and score every coffee we sell using Specialty Coffee Association standards and practices. More Info.